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A Transformational Change?

If you are an emerging leader, or a leader with a passion for continuous learning,
and serious about developing and maintaining a strategic long-term edge.
If you want to be the leader who plays a formative role in your company's success, reputation and growth,
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & SELF -REFLECTIVE COACHING is the program you have been searching for.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & SELF-REFLECTIVE GROUP COACHING is a set of essential tools and strategies designed specifically to cultivate and maintain your competitive advantage through the development of inner-leadership and self-mastery to complement your outer-leadership prowess.

"It kept occurring to me that this new understanding is what's missing in how we think about leadership.
We are always talking about what leaders do about leadership style and function -
but we put very little emphasis on the being aspect of leadership."

J. Jaworsky, Founder American Leadership Forum




This program is your road map to transforming your career and your personal life. It is that investment of a lifetime that keeps on paying dividends over the years, the longer you apply the practices to your work.


1: Managing, influencing and motivating teams of people;
2: Developing a leadership presence that attracts top performers;
3: Engaging and increasing stakeholder trust;
4: Moving up the corporate ladder;
5: Finding innovative approaches to embrace workplace change;
6: Managing the fear of failure and wrong decisions;
7: Tapping into a source of strength and clarity during times of crisis.

Designed and developed by Kamran Tork,

a professional certified coach. He specializes in developing the leadership qualities of mid and senior level managers to complement their existing leadership competencies in order to accelerate both professional success and personal fulfillment. His program EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & SELF-REFLECTIVE COACHING increases participants Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Focus.

What is
Emotional Intelligence?

Daniel Goleman, the author of the bestseller. Emotional Intelligence, and an expert in the field, describes Emotional Intelligence as the sum of self-awareness, self-management, empathy and social skills. He calls it the key ingredient for success in personal and professional life.

“A higher proportion of the competencies that distinguish the stars among leaders
turn out to bebased on emotional intelligence rather than IQ-type abilities.”

- Daniel Goleman

EQ Coach
Kamran Tork PCC

has over 20 years of progressive international work experience in diverse functions including operations, consulting and coaching in Canada, Malaysia and the UAE. His clients include renowned business schools and multinational organizations. He has amassed a wealth of knowledge in developing emotional intelligence, awareness practices and leadership coaching and has written extensively on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Self Mastery versus Mind Habits.
See samples of his articles.

Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective COACHING

focuses on developing your leadership qualities to complement the leadership competencies that are the focus of business programs.

By mastering self-awareness and self-management the building blocks of Emotional Intelligence, leaders not only experience a greater degree of inner strength and calm, they begin to exude this strength outward to the people and teams around them. Their outer technical leadership, now infused with the strength of inner-leadership, attracts others like a magnet. People not only feel safe around them but also empowered and energized.


facilitates inside-out leadership that enables making wiser decisions, increased resilience, empathy and better understanding of your team and stakeholders, and responding to change positively and effectively.


Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective Coaching

Participants must be willing to make a commitment to the daily practice
and exercises to deepen and sharpen their awareness in order to experience progress.


The program consists of ten monthly group Coaching,

and goal setting sessions with both professional and personal application.

Some of the coaching topics include:

Inner Self-Observation: Learning to understand yourself, through observing your thoughts and emotions.

Inner Self-Management: Learning to manage your thoughts and emotions instead of being managed by them.

Enhancing Perception: Enhancing your perceptions of situations, people and problems to a higher more developed level enabling better decision making.

Empathy / Understanding others: Being able to put oneself in other people’s shoes, sharing in their thoughts, emotions and their ways of seeing the world.

Interpersonal Skills / Managing relationships: Mastering how to positively influence peers, direct-reports, and other stakeholders to increase motivation and engagement.

Mind-Habits: Understanding the specific ways that your unexamined beliefs and habits hinder clarity and judgment and lead to stress, conflict and loss of energy.

Vision: Discovering the power of conscious choice making to facilitate self-actualization and visionary leadership.

Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective Coaching
Expected Results with Solid Practice



Emotional Intelligence and Self Reflective Coaching

One Saturday monthly from 9:15 am - 1:00 pm
Venue in Dubai to be finalised shortly

Coaching Reviews for Kamran Tork

Benoit D.President Energy Company

"I highly recommend the EQ & Self-Reflective group coaching. It introduces the very important 'inside-out' aspect of the leadership that includes self-awareness and personal leadership the key ingredients for effective leadership.”

Fred FumeyGM oil & gas company

"I was introduced to Kamran Tork by a friend who had used his services and highly recommended him. I would recommend EQ and Self Reflection Coaching to all those who are committed to grow in their professional and personal lives."

Onur KirazciManager, leading Telecom company

"I got to know Kamran as part of Global Executive MBA program with Insead Business School. As a professional coach he was brilliant.However, it is developing mindfulness and enhancing my emotional intelligence through individual and group coaching sessions that has impressed me even more. With the help of reflective and awareness practices I began to appreciate how the mind and emotions operate on us. I now work with emotions and distracting thoughts much more effectively resulting in higher levels of concentration and productivity."

Faye MatrianoAssistant Vice President & Marketing Manager

The INSEAD Career Development Center strongly recommended Kamran, and now I see why. Our coaching sessions proved very valuable in the current situation at the workplace. Kamran has a remarkable way of dissecting an issue and presenting a perspective that is not only well-thought out but very fresh and out of the box. Kamran has the natural gift of listening both to the spoken and unspoken message, and his depth of understanding is amazing! He is a very, very dependable coach for true-to-life leadership issues.

David BretonChief Marketing Officer
A Global Insurance Company

"I initially met Kamran through a friend who used his services and recommended him as a coach. Kamran's focus, listening skills, empathy and Emotional Intelligence expertise makes his group-coaching a source of invaluable insights and highly powerful transformation. They bring huge change and benefits in your professional and personal life on a daily basis. I highly recommend his EQ & Self-Reflection to those committed to grow professionally and also as a definite ally to their personal lives."

Managerat a leading Construction Company

"A year later I still use the learnings from the group coaching such as empathy - to put myself in others’ shoes to understand them better and also the mindful practice of observing and managing my thoughts and emotions"

Bissan Al-ShamiRegional Compliance Counsel, International Oil & Gas Company

"I chose the EQ &Self-Reflective Practices coaching series for its ‘inside-out’ approach to leadership. It first taught me concentration in a world of fragmented attention. Applying that concentration inwardly enhanced my self-awareness of thoughts and emotions and helped me understand their messages and how to work through strong emotions and stress more effectively.
Next, I learned to turn my attention outwards, which helped me to better understand what others may be thinking and feeling. Sharing in others worldview makes finding a win-win outcome more accessible. As we progress in our professional careers, our technical knowledge remains important, but takes a back seat, to our ability to manage relationships with colleagues, clients and others.
I highly recommend the EQ & Self-Reflective group coaching for anyone managing a team or working closely with stakeholders."

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Kamran Tork, PCC
United Arab Emirates