"Emotional intelligence (EI) is becoming an increasingly important quality in the workplace and 71 per cent of hiring managers in the United States value EI in an employee more than IQ, found a recent survey of 2,662 hiring managers by Career-Builder. " Canadian HR Reporter

Are your actions governed by:
Reflex or awareness?
Conditioning or wisdom?

When you act out of awareness rather than reflex, wisdom rather than conditioning your professional and personal lives improve greatly.

Do you …

  • Worry too much? Dont handle stress, uncertainty, and setbacks well?
  • Try to focus but your mind wanders – listen, but don’t hear half of what is said at meetings?
  • Find it challenging to inspire and Self-motivate your team?
  • Over-react emotionally – don't manage upsetting emotions well?
  • Constantly compare yourself to others and feel inadequate?
  • Say or fail to say what is on your mind at meetings and later regret?
  • Experience difficulty in building effective interpersonal relationship with others?
  • Get trapped in memory of past events or disagreements and loose precious energy?

Kamran’s methods emphasize enquiry and
exploration over teaching. His coaching strength
lies in building trust by being fully present with
you as a client in a non-judgmental way.

These thought-provoking meetings will:

  • Challenge your old assumptions.
  • Help you understand your own behavior and modify it to a higher level.
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence (EQ), by including emotional information in an empowering way.
  • Set and achieve inspiring goals and strategies to succeed.

Facilitated by EQ Coach Kamran Tork, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) takes participants through the main areas of EQ: Emotional Self-Awareness, self-Managment, Interpersonal Relationship and will emphasize on making the mind an ally in achieving your professional an personal objectives.

Key Program Outcomes
Increased self-awareness
Leadership Presence
Understand the implications of EQ in your personal and professional life
Learning to make your mind an ally
Crucial understanding of relationship between perception, emotions,
        behaviors and physiological changes (HR, BP …) in and how to influence it


Benefits of Long-Term Practice
Faster recovery from strong emotions
Increased energy
Enhanced creativity
Lower stress, fear and anxiety
Better impulse control
Improved decision making
Flexibility, centeredness, optimism

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Daniel Golmen, the author of 'Emotional Intelligence' describes it as the sum of self-awareness, self-management, empathy and social skills. It is a key ingredient for success in personal and professional life.

“A higher proportion of the competencies that distinguish the stars among leaders turn out to be based on emotional intelligence rather than IQ-type abilities, by far—like 80 or 90 percent of them.”

“of all the elements affecting bottom-line performance, the importance of the leader’s mood and its attendant behaviors are most surprising. They drive the moods and behaviors of everyone else ... we would even say his primal task—is emotional leadership."

"With the help of reflective and awareness practices for the first time I began to see and appreciate how the mind and emotions operate on us. I now work with emotions and distracting thoughts much more effectively and overtime have developed much higher levels of concentration, energy and productivity... "

Are the tools we use to cultivate and enhance emotional intelligence. Through building awareness of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations we come to see how they drive our state of mind, actions, relationships and decisions - and learn to work with them rather than react out of them. As the saying goes mind "mind make a great servant but an awful master."

And yet if we are honest we see that for most of us our thoughts/emotions can flood us up and make us react unskillfully. The practices are designed to encourage an awareness of

  • thoughts, mind-habits and perception
  • emotions and their message
  • physical sensations and body language
  • choice of words and their energetic impact

With over 10 years of experience in awareness practices and coaching Kamran is well tuned to help you identify and utilize the very same nuances as a fuel for progress. The format for this practices are a combination of individual and small group meetings to share our wins and challenges and grow together.

"Know thyself" Socrates
Many of us spend most of our days at work. should we not demand that our work be meaningful and fulfilling. Job dissatisfaction has become a major contributor to heart disease in North-America, more people are admitted to emergencies at Monday mornings around 9am - when people go back to work.

To chart a career that is aligned with our interest we need to take the driver's seat. We need to know what is intrinsically motivating to us and have a vision. While we may not be 100% clear about our vision a sense of direction a rough sketch of our internal drivers is immensely helpful. In literally hundreds of hours of coaching with professionals - their main challenge seem to be lack of this self-understanding and self-knowledge. Emotional intelligence are self-awareness are great help as they show us what drives our energy and interest.

Kamran is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), with over 15 years of international work experience in diverse functions including operations, consulting and coaching in Canada, Malaysia and UAE. His core expertise lies in the development of human capital to enhance organizational performance. He has a keen interest in embedding emotional intelligence, awareness practices and coaching skills in leadership to facilitae professional and personal effectiveness.

He relocated to Dubai in 2008 where he has worked and supported clients globally. Over the following years kamran has been working on number of leadership development initiatives with government of Dubai, renowned business schools and large international organizations providing coaching support to managers from corporate and government departments. He is experienced in combining individual coaching sessions with feedback information from: 360 By Design, WPB5, MBTI, EQ-i ...


  • Accredited with International Coach Federation at PCC level.
  • 1500+ hours of Coaching Management.
  • Associate Coach with Insead Business School and Center for Creative Leadership.
  • Certified in Workplace Big 5.
  • Certified MBTI Practitioner.
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence.
  • Certified in FIRO-Business.
  • Certified in 360 By Design.
  • Trained in a number of coaching models.
  • Introduced Mindfulness and Awareness Practices to leadership development programs.
  • 10 years coaching experience.
  • Work life experience in 7 countries.