Mindfulness Transforms Your Mindset

  Recently came about an interesting story on transformative power of mindfulness: A well-known travel writer was invited to dine at the home of a well-to-do Japanese family. His host had invited a number of guests, letting it be known that he had something of great importance to share. Part of the meal would consist […] Read more

Meeting Habits With Self-Awareness

Meeting Habits with Self-Awareness How we think, feel and act has direct impact on the outcomes we experience and yet it seems to be our human condition to meet a challenge out of habits and not conscious choice. Here are some simple steps to help develop awareness in working with habits. Think of a specific […] Read more

Being Present

She was a senior manager with global responsibility that had built a successful team that was favorably commented on the 360 by peers and superiors. On the improvement note, the feedback read ‘be more present during the meetings’. – What they mean by being ‘more present’ at meetings? “You know, I admit it is true. […] Read more

Your Interview Strategy

I have had the good fortune of working with many talented and successful professionals as a Career Coach and Career Transition Consultant. When it comes to interview having a strategy absolutely works in your favor. It is well said, “those get the job that are most prepared and not necessarily most qualified”. Here then is […] Read more