Going to the Dogs

  Are your plans going to the dogs? Sometimes the most profound truths come in the simplest stories like below anecdote. The Good Dog/Bad Dog Syndrome A Native American elder once described his inner struggles to a friend. “Inside of me there are two dogs: the bad dog is mean and angry, the good dog […] Read more

Self-Sabotaging Mind Habit

Having literally coached hundreds of clients globally from US to Singapore, Russia to South Africa, the same universal self-sabotaging mind habit pops up again and again. What mind habit? The powerful creative imagination gone awry, imaging setback and failure instead of what can be. Here is a powerful question to purposefully enlist the power of […] Read more

Paradox Zone II

A Misunderstanding? It Is Not About Positive Thinking Often when we see, read or hear about wise individuals with an abundance of energy and multitude of perspectives in coping with challenging work or life situations We erroneously equate their freedom of action and inspiring attitude with positive thinking. We see their unwavering resolve and creative […] Read more