Leadership by Default: How A Simple Word Association Game Will Reveal Your Leadership Mind

Without thinking, what immediately comes to your mind when you hear the word “threat?” Fear, worry, uncertainty? An evolutionary characteristic deeply ingrained in your psyche to protect you against a perceived threat – otherwise known as fight or flight, has served humankind well over the centuries preserving at times our very survival. Enabling us to […] Read more

Mindfulness & Inner Leadership Practices, Apr 27th, Dubai

When it comes to professional development we often over emphasize the outer competencies, strategic thinking, analytical thinking, technical prowess… . We tend to forget that the degree of inner development (leadership presence, leadership resilience, self-awareness, intention, attention, empathy,…) greatly influences our outer impact. The outer competencies and the inner qualities are both necessary and complementary […] Read more

Career Progress an Inside-out Journey

Having a vision/career direction is Necessary But Not Enough Having a career direction that is informed by one’s passion, a deep interest to share one’s gifts and talents with the world and in the process honor her/his intrinsic needs and values is necessary but not enough. Without the clarity around the career direction that is […] Read more

3 reasons why future leadership will require ‘Inner-State Leadership’

John DeLorean, of the DeLorean Motor Company, Steve Jobs of Apple and Dov Charney of American Apparel all lost their jobs despite being the founder and CEO of their respective multimillion dollar companies. What was it that lost them their jobs and in some cases their companies? In all three cases, it was their refusal to […] Read more

4 Leadership Abilities of Mindful Leaders

Often when I ask coaching participants to describe effective leadership, inner qualities of a leader such as; resilience, presence, patience, deep attentive listening, care and concern, trustfulness … are commonly shared. While external competencies such as vision, strategic thinking, systems thinking … are equally important, when managing people or human relationship is involved they take […] Read more