4 Leadership Abilities of Mindful Leaders


Often when I ask coaching participants to describe effective leadership, inner qualities of a leader such as; resilience, presence, patience, deep attentive listening, care and concern, trustfulness … are commonly shared.

While external competencies such as vision, strategic thinking, systems thinking … are equally important, when managing people or human relationship is involved they take the back seat. The most intricate strategy will not suffice, if people behind its implementation are not inwardly motivated.

Mindfulness practices facilitate key leadership qualities.

An increasing numbers of businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and CEOs consider mindfulness essential to successful management – Harvard Business Review

Mindfulness is a meta-capacity that simultaneously builds 4 key leadership abilities. Enhanced levels of concentration/focus is the first key benefit of a solid daily practice upon which all other competencies are built. Check out the rest in this brief slide show:



Kamran is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited experienced Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He focuses on executive coaching and leadership development coaching assignments with multinationals and renowned business schools. Kamran has a deep interest in emotional intelligence/self-reflective practices and runs a highly practical group coaching series out of Dubai.