Are New Year Resolutions Meant to Be Broken?

New Year resolutions are often meant to be broken when they are rushed thoughts mechanically drawn up against a tight year-end deadline. And specially when they are “to keep up with Joneses”.

They just take so much effort, struggle and energy to keep up with and push through. And after a few days, weeks or perhaps months of “good fight”, we find ourselves depleted mentally, emotionally and physically and are ready to give up. The resolution is dropped away automatically and we are back in the start place – little more tired and spent.

Instead, when we regularly take the time to slow down to take stock of what really matters to us, our deeper yearnings are given the time, space and permission to surface more clearly and organically. It is like driving along the Palm Jumairah and coming to a curb on the road and having to slow down we begin to see the flowers along the road. The purple ones, the orange ones, the red ones, the white flowered trees in the back ground with the Palm tree leaves gently dancing in the breeze. The sea, bright blue and green shimmering in the sun’s reflection with a hundred thousand stars, and the songs of the birds too. They have been there all along but in our daily rush and speedy minds we have never been present enough to see them.

In the same way, when we regularly take the time to slow down we begin to see and hear inwardly. We will have visions and insights of what matters deeply and also learn to let go of what matters not. As poet Thoreau put it “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”

May your New Year be joyfully filled with the ‘Song of the Bird’ and the ‘Music of a Different Drummer’.



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