Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflection


According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, emotional intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills in 2020

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Reflective Practices Workshop series has been so well received this year, that I am starting a new group this October. The comprehensive 10 months program involves a monthly group session complete with tools, techniques, exercises and regular support in between meetings. The program is currently only offered in Dubai.

Increasing numbers of businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and CEOs consider mindfulness essential to successful management

This program is for professionals like you seeking transformational change by developing new leadership qualities to complement existing business competencies. I will be your guide in mastering the crucial skills of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.


“Whatever you’ re doing, you’ re doing it mindfully or mindlessly. The consequences of being in one state of mind or the other are enormous. Virtually all of the ills individuals experience are the result of mindlessness.”                               – Ellen Langer, Psychologist

You will also learn to unearth and identify your inner motivators, important objectives and unique gifts in order to chart an authentic path. You will enhance your perceptions, recognise and manage limiting beliefs, work with strong emotions rather than being worked up by them, and equally important reveal self-defeating mind habits that hold you back from reaching your higher potential. This program facilitates your professional success and cultivates personal growth.


“The leader’s work is inner work.” – Warren Bennis


Visit http://kamrantork.com/events/ for an overview the program, participant reviews and how to register. You may email me through LinkedIn mail for more information.