Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective Practices Workshop





“It kept occurring to me that this new understanding is what’s missing in how we think about leadership. We’re always talking about what leaders do—about leadership style and function—but we put very little emphasis on the being aspect of leadership.” – J. Jaworksy, Founder American Leadership Forum


Businesses in today’s highly competitive markets rise and fall on the strength of their leadership. Mastering the practices of Self-Reflection and Emotional Intelligence will improve your leadership abilities and success at whatever level you are in your career.


Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective Practices, is your roadmap to transforming your career and your personal life. It is that investment of a lifetime that keeps on paying dividends over the years, the longer you put the practices into work.


Join me for my workshop to build the crucial leadership qualities of Self-Awareness, Self-Managment and more to help make you an even more effective leader. For more information click here on the link below:

Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective Workshop Series