Mindfulness & Inner Leadership Practices, Apr 27th, Dubai


When it comes to professional development we often over emphasize the outer competencies, strategic thinking, analytical thinking, technical prowess… . We tend to forget that the degree of inner development (leadership presence, leadership resilience, self-awareness, intention, attention, empathy,…) greatly influences our outer impact. The outer competencies and the inner qualities are both necessary and complementary for professional success.

Successful leadership depends on the quality of attention and intention that the leader brings to any situation. Two leaders in the same circumstances doing the same thing can bring about completely different outcomes, depending on the inner place from which each operates.” Otto Scharmer

Inner-Leadership and Mindfulness Practices is a series of group coaching meetings focused on developing key inner leadership qualities and specific techniques applied to enhance performance from the inside out. For more information pls get in touch at ktork@beyondperspectives.com

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Kamran is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited experienced Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He focuses on executive coaching and leadership development coaching assignments with multinationals and renowned business schools. Kamran has a deep interest in emotional intelligence/self-reflective practices and runs a highly practical group coaching series out of Dubai.