Self-Sabotaging Mind Habit

31. self-Sabotage

Having literally coached hundreds of clients globally from US to Singapore, Russia to South Africa, the same universal self-sabotaging mind habit pops up again and again. What mind habit? The powerful creative imagination gone awry, imaging setback and failure instead of what can be. Here is a powerful question to purposefully enlist the power of wild imagination to your advantage. The next time you find yourself in the grip of disempowering thoughts and imaginations ponder on this question intently.

“If everything worked out really well, what would it be like in 5 years from now?”

The imaginative mind is a powerful force, either we use it to our advantage or it uses us.

Making the Imaginative Mind an Ally

For a powerful daily practice to make the imaginative mind an ally also see the Breaking Through post.

Kamran is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited experienced Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He focuses on executive coaching and leadership development coaching assignments with multinationals and renowned business schools. Kamran has a deep interest in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and career coaching.