Career Progress an Inside-out Journey

Having a vision/career direction is Necessary But Not Enough Having a career direction that is informed by one’s passion, a deep interest to share one’s gifts and talents with the world and in the process honor her/his intrinsic needs and values is necessary but not enough. Without the clarity around the career direction that is […] Read more

Power of Self-Talk

  The Power of Self-Talk After meeting countless people over the years, I have yet to encounter a single individual who does not possess a very active imagination, which often manifests itself in self-talk in response to problem solving. If their imagination is at the service of a conscious and purposeful mind, the self-talk can […] Read more

Your Interview Strategy

I have had the good fortune of working with many talented and successful professionals as a Career Coach and Career Transition Consultant. When it comes to interview having a strategy absolutely works in your favor. It is well said, “those get the job that are most prepared and not necessarily most qualified”. Here then is […] Read more