Dead End Ahead

  Today drove down a long road only to find the ‘dead-end’ sign at the end of the road. What is the use of that? It occurred to me this is no different from life. We often make a business, life or career decision and put great effort to climb the ladder of success to […] Read more

Trapped Mind

  A mind trapped in its own self-talk (mental chatter, background noise) is like getting stuck behind traffic in a noisy congested road going no-where. While we may have no control over the traffic, we can learn to unstuck our mind. Un-stucking the Mind, Self-Reflection Self-reflection, the ability to step back and re-examine our experiences […] Read more

Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective Practices Workshop

      “It kept occurring to me that this new understanding is what’s missing in how we think about leadership. We’re always talking about what leaders do—about leadership style and function—but we put very little emphasis on the being aspect of leadership.” – J. Jaworksy, Founder American Leadership Forum   Businesses in today’s highly […] Read more

Mindfulness and Leadership Development

  Paul, was a strong performer who had a solid technical knowledge of the products and excellent customer management skills. As a rising star, he was promoted to head an important unit with key operational responsibilities; however, since his promotion less than two years ago, things have not been not going well. The feedback from […] Read more

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