Dead End Ahead

  Today drove down a long road only to find the ‘dead-end’ sign at the end of the road. What is the use of that? It occurred to me this is no different from life. We often make a business, life or career decision and put great effort to climb the ladder of success to […] Read more

Trapped Mind

  A mind trapped in its own self-talk (mental chatter, background noise) is like getting stuck behind traffic in a noisy congested road going no-where. While we may have no control over the traffic, we can learn to unstuck our mind. Un-stucking the Mind, Self-Reflection Self-reflection, the ability to step back and re-examine our experiences […] Read more

Leadership Presence

  After a few days of rain, the sun was out, beaming through high-rise buildings and offices. Every now and then a breeze brushed through the treetops. A few leaves would separate, spin and tumble down unhurriedly. The stronger winds were more unsettling, forcefully shaking the small branches, throwing them into frenzy. In protest they […] Read more

Blind Reaction, Disabled Action

    A senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Senge is the author of The Fifth Discipline. The Journal of Business Strategy (October 1999) named Dr. Senge as one of the 24 people who had the greatest influence on business strategy over the last 100 years. He writes this story in […] Read more

Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective Practices Workshop

      “It kept occurring to me that this new understanding is what’s missing in how we think about leadership. We’re always talking about what leaders do—about leadership style and function—but we put very little emphasis on the being aspect of leadership.” – J. Jaworksy, Founder American Leadership Forum   Businesses in today’s highly […] Read more


  Looking outside the window at the air show, the soaring iron-birds reminded me of an insightful story a participant shared in one of my workshops. Once there was a king who received a gift of two magnificent falcons from Arabia. They were peregrine falcons, the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. He gave […] Read more

Power of Self-Talk

  The Power of Self-Talk After meeting countless people over the years, I have yet to encounter a single individual who does not possess a very active imagination, which often manifests itself in self-talk in response to problem solving. If their imagination is at the service of a conscious and purposeful mind, the self-talk can […] Read more

Going to the Dogs

  Are your plans going to the dogs? Sometimes the most profound truths come in the simplest stories like below anecdote. The Good Dog/Bad Dog Syndrome A Native American elder once described his inner struggles to a friend. “Inside of me there are two dogs: the bad dog is mean and angry, the good dog […] Read more

Self-Sabotaging Mind Habit

Having literally coached hundreds of clients globally from US to Singapore, Russia to South Africa, the same universal self-sabotaging mind habit pops up again and again. What mind habit? The powerful creative imagination gone awry, imaging setback and failure instead of what can be. Here is a powerful question to purposefully enlist the power of […] Read more

Paradox Zone II

A Misunderstanding? It Is Not About Positive Thinking Often when we see, read or hear about wise individuals with an abundance of energy and multitude of perspectives in coping with challenging work or life situations We erroneously equate their freedom of action and inspiring attitude with positive thinking. We see their unwavering resolve and creative […] Read more

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