Paradox Zone

A Misunderstanding? It Is Not About Positive Thinking Often when we see, read or hear about wise individuals with an abundance of energy and multitude of perspectives in coping with challenging work or life situations We erroneously equate their freedom of action and inspiring attitude with positive thinking. We see their unwavering resolve and creative […] Read more

Being Present

She was a senior manager with global responsibility that had built a successful team that was favorably commented on the 360 by peers and superiors. On the improvement note, the feedback read ‘be more present during the meetings’. – What they mean by being ‘more present’ at meetings? “You know, I admit it is true. […] Read more

The Ending of Unhappiness

After a couple of stormy days the sea today looks calm and undisturbed. An expansive blue peacefully stretched to distances. Many contemplative wisdom traditions suggest that the natural/original state of our mind is similarly quiet, peaceful and undisturbed like an expansive blue sky or a calm sea. Let’s do a little experiment. Close your eyes […] Read more

How to Find My Career Path?

  Self-awareness is fundamental when consciously charting our career path Most often we allow things to happen to us – when asked how did you chose your current role, it is not uncommon to hear responses such as “It fell on my lap” or “the money was good” or “it just happened” … using a […] Read more

Are New Year Resolutions Meant to Be Broken?

New Year resolutions are often meant to be broken when they are rushed thoughts mechanically drawn up against a tight year-end deadline. And specially when they are “to keep up with Joneses”. They just take so much effort, struggle and energy to keep up with and push through. And after a few days, weeks or […] Read more

Automatic Inner-Dialogue/Sparring

In demanding times and busy lives, people often complain of not having enough energy. The benefits from the conventional list of remedies such as exercise, a new diet, spa treatments or shopping are often short lived. Going for a holiday, doing something exciting or discovering a new activity is necessary and revitalising. However, if we […] Read more

Wisdom Of Non-Sticky Frying Pan

Mind-Habit Series No Matter What You Want To Be Or Do, Let Mind Be An Ally. Know Your Mind-Habits. # 9  STICKY MIND-HABIT.  “I have quit my job and have a family and although I am making some money – it is not enough and worry wakes me up in the middle of the night […] Read more

Stressed 7 out of 10

    We often complain about the stress at workplace. However, we fail to see that we may  be already stressed up even before getting to work. The coffee is not ready, the toast burns, the traffic light turns red on ‘Me‘, it is too cold or too hot, My favorite parking spot is taken…all […] Read more

Perception: How We Create Our Own Circumstances

  Perception is the way we see or interpret ourselves, others and the events around us. Furthermore, the way we perceive or interpret an event directly determines how we feel and act. But if our perceptions are inadequate or faulty to begin with, our course of actions will be flawed and ineffective. For example, take […] Read more

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