Emotional Intelligence & Self-Reflective Practices Workshop

      “It kept occurring to me that this new understanding is what’s missing in how we think about leadership. We’re always talking about what leaders do—about leadership style and function—but we put very little emphasis on the being aspect of leadership.” – J. Jaworksy, Founder American Leadership Forum   Businesses in today’s highly […] Read more

Going to the Dogs

  Are your plans going to the dogs? Sometimes the most profound truths come in the simplest stories like below anecdote. The Good Dog/Bad Dog Syndrome A Native American elder once described his inner struggles to a friend. “Inside of me there are two dogs: the bad dog is mean and angry, the good dog […] Read more

Self-Sabotaging Mind Habit

Having literally coached hundreds of clients globally from US to Singapore, Russia to South Africa, the same universal self-sabotaging mind habit pops up again and again. What mind habit? The powerful creative imagination gone awry, imaging setback and failure instead of what can be. Here is a powerful question to purposefully enlist the power of […] Read more

Paradox Zone

A Misunderstanding? It Is Not About Positive Thinking Often when we see, read or hear about wise individuals with an abundance of energy and multitude of perspectives in coping with challenging work or life situations We erroneously equate their freedom of action and inspiring attitude with positive thinking. We see their unwavering resolve and creative […] Read more

Good luck, Bad Luck, Who Knows?

In early 2000 at the height of mergers and acquisitons in North America, our company was bought over and hundreds of jobs were made redundant. A week later attending the career transition services with a well-known consulting company the trainer began the highly charged first session – where emotions were still raw with most participants […] Read more

Scarcest Resource At Work Place/Life – Attention

  Scarcest Resource “Contrary to popular belief the scarcest resource at work place isn’t time, it’s attention – your personal capacity to attend to the right things for the right length of time”, writes Julian Birkinshaw professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School. Tony Schwartz, a consultant who coaches leaders on how to […] Read more

Meeting Habits With Self-Awareness

Meeting Habits with Self-Awareness How we think, feel and act has direct impact on the outcomes we experience and yet it seems to be our human condition to meet a challenge out of habits and not conscious choice. Here are some simple steps to help develop awareness in working with habits. Think of a specific […] Read more

Being Present

She was a senior manager with global responsibility that had built a successful team that was favorably commented on the 360 by peers and superiors. On the improvement note, the feedback read ‘be more present during the meetings’. – What they mean by being ‘more present’ at meetings? “You know, I admit it is true. […] Read more

The Ending of Unhappiness

After a couple of stormy days the sea today looks calm and undisturbed. An expansive blue peacefully stretched to distances. Many contemplative wisdom traditions suggest that the natural/original state of our mind is similarly quiet, peaceful and undisturbed like an expansive blue sky or a calm sea. Let’s do a little experiment. Close your eyes […] Read more

How to Find My Career Path?

  Self-awareness is fundamental when consciously charting our career path Most often we allow things to happen to us – when asked how did you chose your current role, it is not uncommon to hear responses such as “It fell on my lap” or “the money was good” or “it just happened” … using a […] Read more

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