The Duality of Perception and Overcoming the Locked Mind


30. Breakthrough

In my new eBook; Unleashing the Power and Possibilities of An Agile Mind, which is due to come out in the next quarter, I talk about an exercise in which I guide the audience to experience the simple act of drinking water from a cup as if it were the first time.

The purpose is to have them re-experience water anew and, in the process, open themselves up to taking in both new and even forgotten information. In other words, challenge or awaken the default mind out of its perpetual state of “sleepwalking” or to bring it into the present-intentional awareness.

Being in The Here and Now

Why is it important to awaken the default mind?

The simple answer is that our default mind or how we instinctively react to current events or situations does not always align with present day reality. Our reaction to a person, place, or thing is largely pre-programmed through past experiences that limit or confine our scope of understanding and the ability to take in the new and more relevant information.

This limitation narrows our conscious focus to what the default mind sees, perceives, feels and reacts upon. As a result, we have a myopic, one-dimensional perception of a given present-day event based predominantly on past experiences and misperceptions rather than current fact, which can often jeopardize the outcomes we are looking for.

Entering Through the Exit

When you walk through the door of a building, be it your office or your home, is it an entrance or an exit?

If you only see it as an entrance and someone leaving at the same time sees it only as an exit, what is going to happen? That’s right; irresistible force (i.e., your perceptions and default thinking) meets an immovable object (i.e., the other person’s perceptions and default thinking).

In this state of unrecognized duality, as you push the door to get in the other person pushes the door to get out creating conflict and ultimately inertia.

The irony is that both you and the other person are right. From your default or conditioned state and at that moment, the door is an entrance. But for the other person, it is correctly an exit.

You are both in essence “locked in” by your respective take on the situation because default thinking often represents only one half of the full picture.

Unlock the Mind, Unlock the Possibilities

So, both of you have a choice; continue in your current locked-in state or take a step back and see the situation anew.

What this means is that you shake yourself out of your existing perception of the door is only an entrance and realize that there is another possibility – that it can also be an exit.

To put it another way, seeing the door solely as an entrance provides you with only a partial picture of the present reality. A reality I might add that will change to where the door you now see as an entrance will become to you an exit.

Even though the door entrance-exit story is an overly simple example, it illustrates how our default mind can lock us into a way of thinking that if left unchallenged can and will hold you back. As every decision you make, your every action, your every choice is based on the default mind’s interpretations, conscious or unconscious.

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